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Jul. 20th, 2007


so tonight, the long journey that many have embarked upon will come to an end. i, for one, am saddened at this prospect, however, i know in my heart of harry potter fanboy hearts that it will be for the best. harry has gotten me through some really rough times in my life, it's been with me through the past eight years as a guide. so i say this to you, my fellow fanboys and girls, please please please do not be sad for the end to this great literary work, but enjoy these final hours you have together. so long, harry, ron, and hermione. you've been like family to me.

Jun. 16th, 2007

(no subject)

heads up i will be in the ATL this week scouting job offers. two, so its not like a plethora or anything, but a couple reasonable ones. i'm excited, could end up living in the same city as the schob and di. season tickets anyone?

hearts still set on seattle though, i'll see if they come through for me.

Jun. 14th, 2007


oh how i do love wireless internet.

i just got home from a slaving day at work, actually it was mostly me sitting on my keester and doing nothing, but lets not tell my boss that shall we?

i have discovered this odd connotation between my life and the number 17.

and i will dread the next time i move, becuase i have accumulated so much crap. my entertainment center looks like the millenium falcon with so many wires exposed. i literally have all but one of the inputs on my hdtv plugged into something. the one i dont have in use? an hdmi port, saved exclusively for the ps3 i shall purchase later this year. however, i have promised myself that wherever i move next will have an ikea, for sake of simplicity and lightweight furniture. all i will take with me will be the electronics that i cannot be without and some clothes, i think. ive pretty much settled on west coast though.

i will be in atlanta next week and shall partake in some turner field excitement. what a grand old time it shall be.

in the last couple of weeks ive began to feel like zach braff in garden state, how there is so much i've been missing out on and there is so much that i could still enjoy. if only i hadn't wasted so much time. i'm like six years too late. which would put me at 17. that was a joke. well, a direct reference to the film 'a lot like love', but still. i need a laugh.

edit: scrubs 'my urologist' one of the best episodes ever is now on wbpgd which i have no idea what that channel is, but this episode is sooooo good. i think kim is the ultimate woman.

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